Sunday, May 16, 2010

HERCULES Marvel mania

Back in the day..( I hate that phrase ) Marvel used to have a line of stickers it was paste up images of characters and they had some corny word balloon caption.  I F'N LOVED THESE THINGS!
Thanks to Reis from over at CROM the Ultimate Conan fan blog and his other popular blog I found this way cool HERKY likey?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The passing of a legend "Frazetta"

Frank Frazetta has passed away - His Legacy will continue on forever.  Rest in peace Sir.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He walks among us....

I go to motorcycle shows and rallies and sometimes I see some pretty cool stuff...I myself am not an OUTLAW BIKER , I am a mere Motorcyclist.  A lot of times I see some beautiful women walking around in their cut off denim shorts and bikini tops some who should not be wearing such outfits and some you wish you could see more of.
One show I was walking around and I saw the biggest sunnava bitch I'd ever seen he was maybe 6'7" and about 290 lbs and he was wearing nothing but jeans and biker boots ( the kind that look like black cowboy boots with the big buckle on the side )  His hair was long past his shoulders and the wind was blowing it around his face his physique was perfect he looked like Denny Miller the actor who played Tarzan in 1959 and who later became the Gortons fisherman...but this guy his beard was as full and gray as his hair his skin looked like he'd been in the sun his entire life...oh he had  a tan alright but his skin was that kind of dark reddish pink tan and was even darker in some areas like his chest and shoulders.  I could not really tell exactly how old the guy was but walking by me I noticed a tattoo on his right forearm.  It said US NAVY
KOREA and there was a year and a picture of a battle ship framed by chain and an anchor hanging down to where his hand met his wrist. So this guy had to be at the time 67 or 68 years old.  I was impressed that his build was so perfect and he walked with a spring in his step as if he were a 20 year old.
Folks I swear to you this guy is HERCULES walking around right here with us on the planet earth as we speak. He must have seen me looking at him and I was trying not to be too obvious about it but I was fascinated by him.  At one point he turned and winked at me as he picked up a pair of sunglasses off of a vendors table.  To this day I wonder about that he still around?  Is he still as healthy as he seemed when I saw him 7 years ago?  I know there is no such thing as HERCULES and I know there are no real MAN GODS and all that...but if you'd seen this big ass sum bitch then you too'd be impressed...I know to this day I think about that guy and the adventures he's had in his life.