Monday, September 14, 2009


Ray HERCULES Fernandez was a pro wrestler in the 1980's for the WWF/WWE he died in March 2004 . I was or am a fan of the sports entertainment spectacle they call Wrestling. Herc was one of my favorites even though he was a notorious rule breaker and often used his chain to choke people when the ref's back was turned due to some interference by his manager..Either..Blassie, Heenan or Slick. Even though Wrestling is fixed I still got upset or worried whenever Herc would begin to get the better of HULK HOGAN. After all...he was HERCULES the greek god of myth and legend.
The World of wrestling was more innocent back then. The guys pretty much improv'd their way through. Now the predetermined matches are choreographed and scripted and there is always some outside interference that always pisses me off. SO..I don't really watch it anymore. But once in a while I catch a Diva's match...stimulating.
( Raymond Fernandez (May 7, 1956 - March 6, 2004) was a professional wrestler who primarily wrestled in Florida and Texas before joining the World Wrestling Federation. He was best known by the ring name Hercules )


  1. It was a shame that Mr. Fernandez was poorly booked in his 7 year WWF stint. He could have been a monster heel had he been booked properly.The worst thing that happened to his career was turning face in the WWF as he was mostly used as a jobber to the stars from that point on. Best thing he did was no sell to the man with half a brain, Sid, in his last WWF match in February 1992. Also, winning the tag team titles with Scott Norton in New Japan, that has to be a career highlight also. You will always be the “Mighty Hercules” in our hearts and your memory will not be forgotten.

  2. I loved it when he spun his heavy ass chain around from the center of the ring!