Friday, September 11, 2009

UNLEASHED with authority!!!

One of Hercules most intense battles with the HULK was in this special one shot. Having been stripped of his God-ness and super attributes and stamina as well as his ability to recuperate swiftly Hercules went toe to toe with the HULK and even though he was beaten and even though he was at a disadvantage..he kept on fighting. His face was a bloody pulp and his body was broken but his fighting spirit and warriors will kept him from staying down. He still had fight in him. Even in that weakened condition he could have defeated any villain who showed their ugly mug. But against the HULK...a being whose strength increases with rage and anger HERC just could not beat him. Even though HULK beat the tar out of HERCULES he still did not win the fight. HERCULES was not least his spirit anyway...but he was definately T.K.O'ED!

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