Monday, September 14, 2009

Steve Reeves....the man the myth...the real HERC!

uhnnmm...where to begin? here is a old picture I drew of my best Steve Reeves from when I was 15...I got loads of old drawings of Herc,Hulk,Conan and Tarzan...even a few of ol' RED !!! I put the drawing through the cartoonizer for a cool l'il effect to enhance my old drawing.
Accompanied with the drawing are 2 of my favorite pieces from my coollection of weird junk ,comics , toys , Pitchers and old posters and whatnot.
Dell four color copies of HERCULES and HERCULES unchained....the HERCULES book has artwork by none other than JOHN BUSCEMA hisself ( pre Marvel ) and what beautiful work it is and it is forever enshrined in the book for all to see ( whosoever has a copy ) and the second book has art by ( I believe ) Dan Spiegel. I may be wrong and I have heard it was Reed Crandall but I am a master of artistic analysis and execution and recognize some of the anotomical structures and line work as Spiegel. ( But I could be wrong ) If anybody knows for a fact who actually did the art...I'll need proof otherwise it's Dan Spiegel in my estimation.


  1. I do own these 2 comics but for the sake of saving taking them to work and scanning them on my breaktime..I pasted them from Ebay.
    They're not allowed out of the house lest they get damaged and injured and have to be put down...that'll make me sad.

  2. thank you Joe, your REAL experts opinion solved a mystery I was wondering about for years. :)