Saturday, September 12, 2009

WHO the heck is ZHA-VAM ?

At the time these Supes comics came out DC had not yet attained the rights to Captain Marvel ( SHAZAM ) so they cleverly created a character kind of like him but not quite. ZHA-VAM resembled a HERCULES type if ever there was one. Looking a lot like a certain lord of lightning and father to the Olympian pantheon of Gods ZHA-VAM came out of the wood work to plague Superman with his array of godly attributes. He even forced Supes to scream aloud in his Super voice " ZHA-VAM is the greatest super hero in the universe ! "


  1. That's quite the arsenal he's got at his disposal...makes all the other superheroes seem like girly men in tights! Can you say uncle?

  2. he is like a shazam! or captain marvel is like a zha-vam