Sunday, July 17, 2011

HERCULES Obscurities!

As a collector it's fun to come across rare finds to add to your collection of obscura and what not. While I was a student at the Joe Kubert school back in 1989 there was a little flea market up the road and inside there was a little comic shop called "Big Dave's" while scouring Dave's bins ( Dave passed away from a heart attack later that year. RIP Dave..) I came across a weird oddity it was a HERCULES b/w magazine put out by Charlton comics the same month they put out their regular monthly comic. Why and for whatever reason they published it in this format I can not say. Perhaps it was an experiment to compete with WARREN magazines who was doing so well with CREEPY and EERIE and one can say for sure. But I certainly got a kick out of it and I only paid 50 cents!

I found a neat bunch of posts in "RIP JAGGERS DOJO" pertaining to the Charlton HERC's...I love reading other peoples thoughts on the subject. Rip runs a damned fine blog there! are the 2 versions of HERCULES # 8 by Charlton comics.