Monday, April 18, 2011

Of Frisbees and Gladiators the tale of WHAM-O!

A special thanks goes out to " Diversions of the groovy kind " the blog for posting the interior pages from WHAM-O's giant sized comic book from 1967...contained within it's enormous pages was this fantastic Gladiator tale...Read on and let your mind wander back to ...someplace else in 1967. I am not entirely sure who drew this story,,,it might be Lou Fine of "THE FLAME" fame from WONDER WORLD comics during the Golden age of comics. Enjoy the great story and wonderful art.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Steve Reeves - A portrait drawn by Legendary comic artist Steve THE DUDE Rude
Mark Singer as DAR the 3 films that inspired a TV series spin off CONAN the DESTROYER .... we all know him right?
Kevin Sorbo ( A former HERCULES from the famed tv series ) as KULL the CONQUEROR!
Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson as the SCORPION KING!
Peter and David Paul...the BARBARIAN BROTHERS
Lee Horsely of MATT HOUSTON fame as TALON from the SWORD and the SORCEROR
Ralph Moeller portrayed CONAN in the 1990's TV series....
JASON MOMOA in a still from the set of the upcoming CONAN the BARBARIAN 3D.
...Steve Reeves the legendary Muscle man who portrayed HERCULES and virtually was the FACE who created a GENRE....dozens and dozens of peplums were made ( Sword and Sandal films )

With the likes of Gordon Scott , Reg Park and Mickey Hargitay taking turns playing the Man God HERCULES...but that GENRE never really only evolved. Here are a few films that have come and gone starring Steve Reeves' successors...Arnold Shwarzenegger , Ralph Moeller , Mark Singer and so on as larger than life Heroic warriors who truly deserve the mantle of THE SONS OF HERCULES!!!! ( Even if Lee Horsely is a bit scrawny next to the rest of them )

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jayne and Mickey

I searched high and mighty for an image of Jayne and Mickey doing this pose. Usually they did little photo opps and were wearing their Tarzan and Jane leopard print bathing suits...but this pic is so beautiful...I think I am satisfied. But somewhere out there in WEBLAND or in a photo album some place. The picture I am thinking of peace.