Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Mighty HERCULES cartoon

In the 1960's Trans Lux put out a cartoon that was pretty entertaining ( For Kids ) It featured HERCULES as a young looking Super man type. He turned his ring to call on his tremendous strength to save the day. It was the same old format...Hero, Girl friend , comedy relief and a recurring villain. These days the company Trans lux was purchased by a private copyright holder. Some of these images may be a bit blurry as they're pasted from thumb nails.


  1. That guy there is ...I believe the Trans lux copyright holder. These images were harder to get than I thought they'd be.

  2. Man! Even though this wasn't very good, I watched it faithfully as a kid...and that friggin' sidekick of his was one annoying little bugger!

  3. What's going on with this? An awful lot of people are visiting the blog for this particular's not very informative and there is only a few photo' what's up people?