Friday, September 11, 2009

The Incredible - HERCULES - Lou Ferrigno

Hercules (1983)/The Adventures Of Hercules (1985) - The incredible Lou Ferrigno goes from green to Greek, playing the legendary hero in this fantasy double bill. In "Hercules," Ferrigno uses his strength to survive a variety of perils as he seeks to rescue the kidnapped princess Cassiopeia. Ingrid Anderson, Sybil Danning co-star. Next, only Ferrigno can recover the thunderbolts of Zeus, stolen by a trio of mischievous goddesses, in "The Adventures of Hercules," with Milly Carlucci and Sonia Viviani. AKA: "Hercules II." These films are available as a double feature on one DVD.


  1. Life imitates art...Lou played both HULK and HERC....he was referred to as the Incredible Lou Ferrigno...the current Marvel series is called the incredible Hercules. See?

  2. He looked incredible in this movie but GOD, is it painful to watch.

  3. Man Big Lou was EXACTLY Hercules, I mean it was on par with Christopher Reeve playin Superman or Stallone playing JudgeDredd. Or even Brandon playing the Crow. Lou was literally the exact duplicate of Hercules, and man what a fun movie that was. Still is (though some of the villains sound effects were harsh to the ears).

    The sequel to Hercules had even greater action scenes, a story just as interesting but not as original I think. People who like B-movies can appreciate the strength of intelligent movies that speak visually. Hercules is NOT a b-movie, I repeat it is NOT, but it will certainly strike a chord to that audience cuz it's great sci fi.

    Big Lou's legacy is not the Hulk because he didn't look anything like the Hulk, he just looked like a huge man with muscles and a nose job. Hulk is a beast the size of a troll or a car (like AngLee's movie) not some body builder. So Lou's tv series stinks as far as adaptation but nonetheless a highly entertaining show, thanx to Bill Bixby and Lou.

    Hercules on the other hand did not stink in adaptation, it was 100%. And you can really see Lou's body in all of it's glory. No green make up or nothing. Just gleaming sweat and bad ass Herculean muscles.

    much obliged true believer :D

  4. was not a B was a peplum