Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everyone knows who ATLAS is right?

I love this damned cover...check out Zeus and an obvious and blatant copycat pseudo Superman in the form of an attempt to compete with SUPES in the 50's. Lovely Andru and Esposito artwork that totally kicks freaking ass!!
A one issue EPIC by Jack Kirby...would have made a great series in my opinion. Punching out Supes seems like the thing to do.
I love this Alex Ross Homage to the classic KIRBY - THOR -HERC cover....spectacular
Yep...he's the guy who supports the firmament of the earth upon his shoulders. He's got a Famous statue in NY...he also had a few different incarnations as failed attempts to compete with Superman back in the 1950's.
But DC comics came up with their own version back in the 1970's...a new concept by Jack King Kirby brought ATLAS to comic book fans old and new. See here in the copy below.

"Atlas is a mighty warrior and conqueror of magical origins from several centuries into the past. At a young age when his family was slain by Hyssa the Lizard King, a wise mentor raised him and he became a protector of the innocent. After defeating his nemesis though he gave into a darker and more destructive nature, consumed by his desire to become the world's greatest champion. He was brought into the present through time travel by General Sam Lane during Coming of Atlas to work for a branch of the military known as Project 7734, dedicated to fighting against Kryptonians. In this position he is an enforcer whenever Lane needs someone roughed up, although it is common knowledge that his ambition is to succeed his new masters and take the power he deserves. His name is inspired by Atlas of the Greek Titans, a mythological being with unimaginable strength, one of the entities who grants Captain Marvel his powers. Atlas was created by Jack Kirby, first appearing in 1st Issue Special #1. (1975)"

I got my copy....about 12 of them everytime I see

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the COVER to HERC # 3

HERCULES - the ladies man. pt 2

I touched on it in a post once before...we have Frankie Raye ( Nova ) and the SHE HULK and this group of ladies and then there is NORTHSTAR? The ancient myth's have mentioned that HERKIE is a switch hitter....but you know what?

If you're gay...or you like men etc' etc'....that's your business..I am not going to judge you. SO that does not change my perception of the Legend of HERCULES. But never in a million years did I expect MARVEL take the Legendary mythical Hero and do that! That's like perpetuating the myth that Bat Man and Robin or The Lone Ranger and Tonto or CAP and Bucky...were gay. Just because there is a myth...there is no need to go spreading rumors.

BUT...I still maintain HERC is my all time favorite HERO of legend!