Thursday, January 19, 2012

By Heck it's HERC!

A beautiful piece of art by Don Heck for this vintage original. I love the line work here. All the delineatian going on...the big fat thick wet lines deliberately placed with a masterful hand.

Great stuff...just wonderful. PS...I will be taking a short leave of absense from posting anything new for about a month. Please feel free to comment here and there. I will pop in once in awhile.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Steve Reeves vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

I found this cool vid on youtube....just sharing. Enjoy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clash of the Titans review

Well...I did it I finally watched the 2010 version. What took me so long was my aversion to remakes and anything new-ish. Shit I did not get a cell phone until 8 years ago , I did not even get a computer until 7 years ago...I bought LP's and cassettes and refused to by CD's all the way up until they completely stopped putting them on the shelves and I was forced to. Lets not even talk about DVD's lol....Put it this way...I have 1000 VHS tapes and it took me years to compile my collection...I only have about 200 or so DVD's. I guess my ignorant view of change has finally been put to rest. Anyway...On to my review.

All in all it was a good film despite the slight changes in the plot. I do indeed like the appearance of the witches in the original. I also like CHARON better in the original...Ray Harryhausen's Medusa is pretty damned cool but the CGI version in this film was of course more fluid and supple and even yes...more realistic. Of course snake ladies don't come slithering around everyday so what am I comparing her to?

Of course there was Liam Neeson , the guy is a brilliant actor and his portayal of Zeus was pretty damned good. Of course nobody has acting chops like Sir Laurence Olivier. But I have always liked Liam.

I did not really care for the way they treated Boobo the owl. They just shucked him back in the trunk like trash. But actually seeing him was pretty cool.

Calibos ? What the hell was up with him? I more rather prefer the original version of him too. As far as special effects and action sequences and the acting it was fair. Not one thing about this film actually got one digit on the suck o meter. It was good. On a scale of 1 to 10 I can fairly give it a 7. That's just me. What prompted me to finally watch this movie was the fact that Wrath of the Titans will soon be hitting movie houses all over and I thought from the trialers I've seen that it looks pretty good. Another of my idiosychrasies is to make sure I've seen part one of any film before I see a sequel so I was forced by my O.C.D to do something I maybe never would have done. Watch this movie.

One sequence in particular stands out in my mind as a pretty cool action bit was the first time and even the second time Calibos pops up out of no place. Especially the surprise attack on Perseus and his men the very first time where he loses his hand during the battle. When Percy was rolling down the slope and Callie comes bounding after him in huge strides that was just good action. I guess I'm learning to live with NEWISH-NESS...Cell phones and computers and I-PHONES , CD's and DVD's and Blue rays and so on...I have to accept that the future is the present and here I am in the middle of it. I have to adapt with the changes like everyone else.

So when WRATH comes out..I'll be watching it. Now I have to wait and see if they even bother making another CONAN film after that less than stellar box office flop they released. I mean I liked it and was disappointed by it's failure to bring in viewers. Then of course there is the 3D HERCULES film they say they're making...we'll see.

Anyway...this is a good movie. If you have not seen so.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


7 DAY FOOL BY ...Jully Black

This video stars Cory Everson. Who is Kevin Sorbo anyway?

Can't get enough Cory Everson - Atalanta

Man I wish I were Hercules....