Monday, October 28, 2013

Dwayne Johnson, The ROCK...New Hercules images.

The ROCK has been working hard to become the MIGHTY MAN GOD for the new film the HERCULES:THE THRACIAN WARS. Here are some pics I pulled off the web. Man oh man he's so pumped I think he may even be LARGER than Lou Ferrigno when he played HERC in two films. Visually I think this movie is going to be spectacular. I'm liking the Twitter sneak peaks Mr. Johnson has been putting on the web to share with us. I really dig the shot with the make-up guy painting over his tattoo. I'm sure there is going to be a ton of CGI but...not on the ROCK...he's the real deal.


  1. I saw the movie. It's Good!

  2. The Rock has numerous movies heading to theaters in the near future. Beyond that, he has attached his name to various projects, all of which sound like they will keep the one-time wrestler and current big-screen phenom in the blockbuster business for years. Because we know that you love The Rock as much as we love The Rock, we've documented the actor's next films.

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