Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm going to start a new feature here on the blog. HERCULES vs...some other HERO..I.E. In this case CONAN the BARBARIAN...Do you remember in the 1960's-70's...HERC'S POP was always stripping him of his GODLY powers...well in this scenario that's what happened. Here he is wandering around the HYBORIAN age and CROM don't like it one bit. ( sounds familiar right? ) Anyway..he has to go toe to toe , blade to blade against the Mightiest warrior ever to wander the shining kingdoms that lay spread across the land in an age undreamed. Hope you like it. I plan on working it up in color too. If all goes well...we'll see it soon! Any requests? I'll see what I can do as time allows. ~ Thanks Mikey.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy birthday Jack " KING " Kirby

The modern versions of THOR and HERCULES in MARVEL comics as we know them. Thank you Jack. Happy Birthday to the LEGEND whose work lives on!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ryan Gosling ~ Young Hercules

Ya know the most successful actor to come out of the HERCULES thing? Ryan Gosling. Ian Bohen is nowhere to be found these days. Where is Kevin? What's going on with Lucy? She gets naked and does lesbian scenes on cable ( Nothing wrong in that ) but she is no mainstream star anymore. Buy Ryan Gosling seems to have taken off and become a real Movie star. I believe he has two big movies coming out right now....and there are sure to be more on the way.

Just another example we can thank HERCULES for!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The incredible Wonder Woman....

We seem to forget that the character of Wonder Woman is a powerhouse with strength to rival the DCU anyway. I think in the 90's crossovers Marvels Herc and WW were going toe to toe...but knowing him they went tongue to tongue in no time as we all know he's a charmer with the ladies. you see here in this clip from an old WW comic book ( Can anybody tell me where this is from? I want to go find that issue! ) She's strong enough to toss ole HERC around ( DCU's HERC known sometimes as Herakles) like nobodies biz! All I have to say is WOTTA WOMAN! Then check out the convention drawing paying Homage to an all but too familiar Steranko drawing from somewhere...just can't place it right now but...ENJOY!


With CONAN the barbarian 3D coming out there are bound to be a group of followers. Just like back in the 80’s. After 82’s Barbarian pic Lou Ferrigno came out with a couple of HERCULES films no doubt to be an answer or even a Barbarian bandwagon jump. The movies themselves were horrendous but Lou’s physique was no doubt simply incredible.
I think ( Back in the day ) Lou and Arnie should have taken their tremendous heroic proportion physiques back to competition. I can’t really say for certain who’d win that time around but in my humble opinion…Louie had the better build. But I digress….ANYWAY…I came across this poster for a HERCULES 3D film soon to be released no doubt with the advent of the release of the new CONAN movie. Who plays HERC in this upcoming Heroic spectacle? I do not know but the more the merrier I say. There will always be a place for Heroic fantasy adventures in Hollywood. Everyone loves a super hero looking all tremendous and powerful . Granted there have been and still are films coming out left and right…IRONCLAD , CENTURION , The EAGLE and SEASON OF THE WITCH ( A Solomon Kane knockoff ) just to name the most recent ( I have to include SOLOMON KANE in here too as I loved that movie ) and there will be several more in the coming years. GOOD!
There is something to be said for a stalwart hero battling baddies with naught but his fists and a sword. What I am waiting for now is…TARZAN starring Hugh Jackman….that’s gonna be good. But first….BRING ON THE BARBARIAN!