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MAGNET COMICS pledge your support today!

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" About this project
This is a dream project for me; one that's been brewing since I was a kid! The late Silver Age/ Bronze Age of comic books was my influence growing up and I LOVED it! Even as I knew, back then, that I wanted to become a professional artist drawing comic books (which I've done) I've also, recently, become aware of a slightly different, yet parallel desire I've had since I was that kid, though I didn't really know of it until now: I've wanted to draw THOSE very comic books I was reading back then! (And after talking to tons of fans over the years, I've found that there are a LOT of people who'd love to READ those types of comics again!)
And those comics had some cool things going on: • Classic, yet revitalized, Superheroes. • New Creative superheroes which included: Kung Fu warriors and Cosmic Surreal Icons. • Savage Barbarians. • High Fantasy characters. • Tales of Mystery and Horror. • and New, radical, wild cartooning! And what a period for comic creators! Classic veteran writers and artists were reaching the zenith of their powers while new, young, talented creators were emerging with exciting skills and ideas. (Both of these types of creators are my primary influence, both then and now.)
And even the comic book medium/package itself had evolved and been refined into an apex of a fascinating combination of entertainment and commerce. Not only had the characters and the stories matured into very cool art forms but even the ad pages, the news pages and letter pages had all become their own self-contained experiences of interest. This was happening at the mainstream publishers as well as the independents.
BUT ... I was born too late to join that particular time of comic book publishing as a professional artist at it's zenith, though I was a rabid follower of it all. Well, this Kickstarter-funded project (fingers crossed!) is as close to solving that particular time-travel conundrum as I can come. So, here it is:
I've created quite a few of my own characters over time and, no surprise, they all reflect my personal love for that period of creativity. (The names of just a few of them: AUGUST, MATON, LION FIST, THUNDRON, THE SPIDROID, JOHN HAWK, EAGLE KING, ONYX, AGENTS of R.A.N.C.O.R., INFINITON, TERROR WOLF, etc. etc.) They all have the fun, jazzy story thrills, funky art techniques and graphics, bright strong coloring .... these classic-style (yet new) characters will fill dazzling pages of entertaining pop culture. I'm even going to mimic the old newsprint look of paper. (While still using good quality paper and acheiving a quality printing look!) And with these characters, this is the exact type of comic book experience I plan to create, brand new, again:
A 3-Issue Comic Book Mini Series: "Magnet Comics Presents..." 52 pages (Giant Size!) each issue; enough to tell a great variety of stories as well as offer a tremendous value for everyone's money! A glorious celebration of the Silver / Bronze Age of Comics ! A new expression of that era of comics and a new continuation of that period's potential! And in a price range that will be extra-value-packed and affordable! (Possible $2 per 52 page issue .... great deal !!! )
Why a self-contained, monthly, 3 issue mini series? So I can accomplish certain things with it: (a) Have separate front covers showcasing different characters and design styles .... (b) The ability and opportunity to utilize a "Next Issue", "Continued In..." and "Coming Up In Issue #__ " theme of design and in-house company ads as part of the fun packaging. (c) The storytelling devices of paused tension between chapters. (d) The opportunity for fans to write in letters and the potential for those letters to alter some of the next issue's content. And other unforeseen benefits ...
Most of this material will come from my own hands as I've built a respectable array of skills that were honed over years and across many disciplines. (See my resume/biography) But some of it will (hopefully) come from some of the very talented people that helped forge those days, those creators who are still around and active.
There's also going to be a lot of research and use of references/resources for (re)creating that particular publishing look and style. Paper types, color schemes, printing-drawing-graphic techniques, typography choices, etc. These 3 issues are going to powerfully reflect all these unique qualities, and more, while at the same time presenting all-brand-new stories and characters and experiences. A lot of time, man hours and hand crafted skills will go into these books.
Colorful, heroic, positive, powerful, mind-stretching stories and characters that just zip through a fascinating package of awesome comic book goodness!!!! (Of course it'll be just 3 months of this for right now but who knows what the future will bring ... ! )
The funds raised for this will pay for all the time, work and research needed to go into producing these books at professional rates as well as the printing and distribution efforts (both traditional and leading edge) needed to reach as wide of an audience as possible. Also there will be a few select, strategic convention and comic book store appearances to promote the books, which include creating specialty promotional items for sale, give-away and display. (My plans include the debut of these 3 issues over 3 convention appearances during the main convention season of 2012.)
So, if you are around the age where you remember these types of comic books ... or even if you are much younger but you want to experience the thrill of getting at least 3 months worth of comic books coming your way that will actually entertain you as much as any video game of download ... than this is going to be a truly worthwhile project for you to support. An experience of superhero, mystery, action-adventure comic books that haven't been available as brand new for over 35 years!
Fun, awesome entertainment you will simply LOVE to have ... that's what I believe it will be, I certainly hope you believe it, too! Welcome on to this cool train of fun; it is GREAT to have you aboard!!!
Thank you very much for your time, attention and interest!! All the best to you!!

Sincerely, Scott Rosema "

I pledged my support Scott...I want to see these comic books! C'mon people!

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