Thursday, September 1, 2011


I was inspired recently to whip up an homage to Jack Kirby....being that Charles R. Rutledge from " Singular points " and I were mentioning that Jack Kirby never really had any CONAN material out there. So I too pulled a Rich Buckler/Ron Frenz and swiped/borrowed a couple of poses to draw up this HOMAGE to CONAN and KIRBY in honor of his Birthday recently Aug 28.
I was thinking after I drew this needs some color and thought to myself " Hmm I've been working on a side project with Cromsblood...but he has a child on the way and he's very busy as of late." Then I remembered the Rudy Nebres " One minute later " piece from several months back on "CROM the Ultimate CONAN fan blog" and how Mike Dominic from AIM comics producers of " The Brutal blade of BRUNO the BANDIT " colored in the artwork the very next was an internet smash and can be found in several places...( Folks that was Mike Dominic who colored that in ) So I asked "DOM" if he would not mind doing this fun little side job for me. Sure enough the very next day VOILA!
I could not be prouder..thank you "DOM" You did a great job coloring and adding text to my piece! You are a great artist! I hope you folks out there like it. I'm very proud.

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