Monday, September 5, 2011

Hercules vs Hercules? Huh?

I was not happy with the bottom ( First image ) so I worked up another save myself some time it's all in it's not as smooth but I like the way the Glanzman HERC turned out.

I just got done working on this one....I tried to imitate Sam Glanzman's style for the Charlton version of HERCULES and he has a pretty muddy ( But tasteful ) line...I got a little too muddy on the face...But I like the border I got going on...that's very Sam! Of course...everyone knows where I got Jacks HERC from...I been drawing Kirby-ish my whole life...some things are easier than others...then some things get a wee bit difficult...trying to mash up Sam Glanzman and Jack Kirby...yeah that's a wee bit difficult...BUT...I like it. Color version on the way. :)

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