Monday, September 12, 2011

Brett Ratner to direct a new "HERCULES" film.

He has signed on to direct the film based on the RADICAL imprint "Hercules the Thracian wars"

series. No word yet on who will star in the film. But it has been said that it will follow the story line of the comic book and stay faithful and true to the dark and gritty nature. There is even one news outlet on the web stating that Vin Diesel will play a role ( Hopefully not as HERCULES! I won't see it then ) Other reports hgave it coming out in 3D and others state it will be shot in the style of 300. A film I loved by the way. Since CONAN was such a big flop...maybe one of my other heroes can save face. Then of course there is TARZAN with Hugh Jackman...I'm hoping that will also quench my thirst for some SAVAGERY!

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