Thursday, August 11, 2011

The incredible Wonder Woman....

We seem to forget that the character of Wonder Woman is a powerhouse with strength to rival the DCU anyway. I think in the 90's crossovers Marvels Herc and WW were going toe to toe...but knowing him they went tongue to tongue in no time as we all know he's a charmer with the ladies. you see here in this clip from an old WW comic book ( Can anybody tell me where this is from? I want to go find that issue! ) She's strong enough to toss ole HERC around ( DCU's HERC known sometimes as Herakles) like nobodies biz! All I have to say is WOTTA WOMAN! Then check out the convention drawing paying Homage to an all but too familiar Steranko drawing from somewhere...just can't place it right now but...ENJOY!


  1. This is from Wonder Woman # 247 (Sept 1978). The image you have is from a backup story called "Tales of The Amazons" which only lasted two issues in WW but this featured stories of The Amazons in the ancient times. The woman in this page you have is named Diana, sister to Queen Hippolyta, who assisted her sister in getting her magic girdle back from Hercules. She is then killed in the next page by Hercules. And later in this issue as she's being buried at sea, Hippolyta swears to honor her by molding a daughter in her image and also naming her Diana