Thursday, August 11, 2011


With CONAN the barbarian 3D coming out there are bound to be a group of followers. Just like back in the 80’s. After 82’s Barbarian pic Lou Ferrigno came out with a couple of HERCULES films no doubt to be an answer or even a Barbarian bandwagon jump. The movies themselves were horrendous but Lou’s physique was no doubt simply incredible.
I think ( Back in the day ) Lou and Arnie should have taken their tremendous heroic proportion physiques back to competition. I can’t really say for certain who’d win that time around but in my humble opinion…Louie had the better build. But I digress….ANYWAY…I came across this poster for a HERCULES 3D film soon to be released no doubt with the advent of the release of the new CONAN movie. Who plays HERC in this upcoming Heroic spectacle? I do not know but the more the merrier I say. There will always be a place for Heroic fantasy adventures in Hollywood. Everyone loves a super hero looking all tremendous and powerful . Granted there have been and still are films coming out left and right…IRONCLAD , CENTURION , The EAGLE and SEASON OF THE WITCH ( A Solomon Kane knockoff ) just to name the most recent ( I have to include SOLOMON KANE in here too as I loved that movie ) and there will be several more in the coming years. GOOD!
There is something to be said for a stalwart hero battling baddies with naught but his fists and a sword. What I am waiting for now is…TARZAN starring Hugh Jackman….that’s gonna be good. But first….BRING ON THE BARBARIAN!

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