Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ryan Gosling ~ Young Hercules

Ya know the most successful actor to come out of the HERCULES thing? Ryan Gosling. Ian Bohen is nowhere to be found these days. Where is Kevin? What's going on with Lucy? She gets naked and does lesbian scenes on cable ( Nothing wrong in that ) but she is no mainstream star anymore. Buy Ryan Gosling seems to have taken off and become a real Movie star. I believe he has two big movies coming out right now....and there are sure to be more on the way.

Just another example we can thank HERCULES for!


  1. best show everrrr, I love Kevin Sorbo (I think thats his name?) but when I saw this show I remember fighting my parents on not cutting down the satelite channels because I just COULDNT miss young hercules LOL

  2. was a fun show....welcome aboard...I'd like to direct you toward my other blog "MY FAVORITE COVERS" It is more of a diary....less cheesecake and more bloggie/info/diary-ish....