Friday, September 18, 2009


Marvel Treasury Edition #26/2 (Jul 1980) –“At the Sign of the Lion”

Writer: Mary Jo Duffy; Penciler: Ken Landgraf; Inker: George Perez

Logan thinks about his confrontation with Cyclops while drinking a few beers at the Sign of the Lion, a drinking establishment far away from Westchester, New York. After receiving a come-on from a cute redhead, Logan makes the mistake of being rude. Before he can apologize, Hercules, the god, walks into the bar and immediately receives the attention of all the women. Hercules asks Wolverine to move to the end of the bar, since his own party is so large. Wolverine agrees to move but only for the redhead with whom he had spoken earlier. Hercules picks up Wolverine and tosses him into a chair because, well, he is a god. Wolverine, not taking kindly to the insult, hits Hercules without any discernible results. In response, Hercules knocks him across the bar, but soon finds himself up against Wolverine's claws. In mighty Marvel fashion, a fight ensues which trashes the entire bar and finally ends when Hercules suggests that the two warriors drink and carouse rather than fight. But as the two heroes sit down to share a beer, they realize that all of the women have fled the bar.

It is understandable that Hercules would not remember Wolverine from their earlier meeting when they fought the Leader since Wolverine is not in costume, but it is curious that Wolverine does not remark about that encounter as they trade blows.

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