Thursday, September 24, 2009


What can I say...Jayne was absolutely a Hottie...back in her day her prime competition was Ms. Monroe...Now Marilyn was gorgeous and she had real natural curves and a vivacious figure...but Jayne..was sexier.
Her figure was more voluptuous and she was firmer of body and dare I say it?
Her boobs were much nicer.
Jayne was married to Mickey Hargitay a body builder who played Herc in one film.
In that film he got to play opposite Jayne. The corny fight with the Gorilla in the end of the film was ridiculous but entertaining as well.
If Jayne had not lost her life in that accident who knows what would have become of her. She like her contemporary set the stage for the vivacious vixens that followed and that breathy sexy speak combined with a PUT ON ditzieness added to the SEX factor. Jayne Mansfield is a true legend and absolutely THE sex symbol for all time...she was beyond her time and now she is in the great beyond.


  1. I especially love those B&W pics of Jayne...Yummy!

  2. Yeah I was looking for Leopard print bikini color shots but the B/w's caught my attention.