Thursday, September 10, 2009

Convention sketches/art

Here are a couple of drawings I obtained on my Legendary Journey I call my life. A drawing of the big guy by Big John Buscema I got from an in store visit he made to a place called 4th world comics in 1986 ...long before the current owner bought the place. John was kind enough to draw right into my 10"by 18" pad and use up almost all the page space for free. He also judged my Marvel try out Spidey pages and ruled me a second place. I was thrilled to meet the guy. He is after all my Hero. Then there is this cool little head sketch by Joltin' Joe Sinnott who also did his drawing right into my pad for free. Needless to say I cherish them and keep them heavily guarded and in between tissue paper in a portfolio. But for the first time ever....they see the light of day....and I am sharing.

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