Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Popeye Meets Hercules (1948) More at IMDbPro »
Taken from IMDB not my review.

"The first Olympics, starring Hercules (looking, but not quite sounding, like a really pumped-up Bluto), who challenges anyone to do the same feats as him. Popeye takes that challenge, of course. First, they battle animals, with Bluto pulling the skins off two wild elephants and Popeye turning three lions into a nesting set. The discus throw doesn't go well, with Herc's disc swooping Popeye into Herc's hand. The javelin is even worse for Popeye, with Herc throwing him all the way to the moon. This gives him a chance to go after Olive in typical Bluto fashion; her cries of help reach Popeye, who prays to the Greek goddess Spinachia, who delivers a can of spinach to him. Written by Jon Reeves {}"
Popeye ws always one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Having seen the Fleisher cartoons from the 30's I'd have to say Popeye meets Sinbad is probably my favorite episode of all time. But the Paramout pictures shorts from the late 40's and early 50's were every bit as entertaining.

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  1. Stills and images from this episode were reall hard to come by and a good shot of Brutus as Herc was nowhere to be found. So I drew my own.
    Impressed? The Double image somehow for some reason appeared accidently as I did not download it twice...I can deal with it.