Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wrestling , Giants and feats of strength !!!

One of my favorite heels ( Bad guy ) in Wrestling was absolutely HERCULES HERNANDEZ.

He had so much character and he was so intense. The way he could talk through his teeth and make veins bulge in his temples was probably what got me so interested on a dramatical sense of the word. This guy could really sell it.

One of my favorite feuds was with him and the Ultimate Warrior ( James Helliwig ). The CHAIN MATCH at MSG...they had a tug of war and the chain snapped. HERC then proceded to choke out Warrior with his half of the chain. It took a half dozen other guys to pry him off the Warriors lifeless corpse. lol....the feud lasted for months as they went from state to state pulling the same act over and over. That's how they did it back then in the 80's.

Some matches the Warrior would win and some matches HERC would get DQ'd because of the choke out. I prefer the DQ matches personally. I liked that HERC got the better of ol' "Jimmy the nutbag Ultimate Warrior." Ray passed away...too bad. Jim is still alive and he legally changed his name to the ULTIMATE yeah...he's a nutbag.

Another of my favorite matches was between ANDRE the Giant and Hacksaw JIM DUGGAN.

Andre just got done beating up some jobber ( A preliminary wrestler specifically there to get beat up and lose ) and he challenged anyone to come out and take him down. So out comes DUGGAN chanting "USA" and hoisting his 2 x 4 in the air and getting the crowd all worked up.

Well ANDRE proceeded to beat on DUGGAN and choke him out with the strap from his trunk

and DUGGAN...walloped him in the GIANT NOGGIN' with the board! Down went ANDRE.

Those were the days man! The reason I loved wrestling so much is because of cool match ups like that. I could imagine ancient ROME and Gladiators and so on. The thrill of victory and the agony of getting bashed in the head! Yeah baby...check out the two youtube vids of ye ancient olden wrestling times ( For review purposes ) Action provided by the WWE Superstars by way of Youtube. " Lets get rrrready to RUMBLLLLE!!! "


  1. You should change your name to Ignorant Douchbag.