Monday, June 7, 2010


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  1. I was browsing around looking up Herc stuff and I came across this Ernie con pic from 81 - all I can say is WOW ! It's a classic depiction of a classic hero done in a classic style you just hardly ever see these days. Shit ! I remember the 70's very fondly and comic books were just better to me then. Sure today's guys are have a photo realistic look to their work but...plain old cartooning for cartooning sake speaks volumes. You read any old Kirby THOR and compare it to today's comics and pfft...not even close. Comic book guys back then knew what they were doing. These day''s not comics any more. It's graphic storytelling. Sequential art is almost lost.
    There are still some greats plugging away and putting out real comics...but look at this drawing. Tell me you don't want an entire comic book with art like this throughout.