Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jayne and Mickey

I've been trying to find a good shot ot Mickey holding Jayne over his head...but I can't seem to find a decent one...but here is a shot of them just before one of their famous photo op shots.


  1. Not over the head, but a good one here.

    There was an interesting bit about Hargitay and Mansfield in the liner notes for "The Bloody Pit of Horror" about how the two met and Mae West was pissed when they fell in love. West was incredibly vindictive (something you also hear regarding West and Raquel Welch from their work on "Myra Breckinridge"). West set out to destroy both of them, and certainly Jayne's career took a nose dive. There are also rumors, notably from John Wayne, that West was in fact a man, which might account for "her" distaste for more attractive women in her waning years?

  2. Found one:

    I know I saw one of the Tarzan-style shoot. I'll have to check again.