Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well as I said it would happen it did. They killed off HERC and then they brought him back. This time they brought him back more powerful than ever. Now HERC could go toe to toe with the HULK and get up after a HULK pounding and say " C'MON! Gimmie some MORE!" and then deliver his own brand of a pounding righteously known as "THE GIFT". But with HERC being all SUPER with a cape and all..who could stop him now? Is he too they need to power him down?

Looking every bit the SUPER POWERFUL super being he is flying through the air like he's an old Wayne Boring or Curt Swan drawing HERC kind of owns the cape. BUT I don't like it..lose the cape.

HERCULES should be one of if not THE strongest being in COMICS but he always took a back seat to the HULK in the battle department as they always had the HULK come out the victor.

But I always loved the time HERC dropped from the sky and landed right on the HULKS head and it took a dozen Super powerful super heroes to take him out and Doc Samson knocked him out with one all purpose perfectly placed power house punch. ( But I DIGRESS )

If the HULK and our new improved version of HERCULES ever meet on a field of battle and it's no holds barred....I feel sorry for the big green guy. BUT...I don't think they're going to keep him that powerful. After CHAOS WAR has ended they'll power him down. That's my prediction.

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