Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rest in peace Macho Man -

Rest in peace MACHO MAN...I watched WWF wrestling religiously throughout the entirety of the 80's. Randy along with Hogan and Steamboat were the biggest heroes that world had to offer. As time wore on and Randy and the WWE parted ways amicably...I still missed the Macho man's presense. He was a force of nature. A man of infinite character. I miss him, I miss his presense and I miss his character.

Randy battled baddies like Rick the MODEL Martel...who has also passed away...and The BIG BOSS man...who also passed on. He also matched ring wits with MR PERFECT Curt Hennig who has also left us. In fact very few of the WWE Superstars I remember as being the best HEELS have left this world. Randy even locked up with the Mighty HERCULES , Ray Fernandez.

It's kinda sad...when your childhood is falling off the map right behind you. These Superstars were not just TV personalities...they were Characters in a world of good and evil in it's most basic format. The SQUARED CIRCLE!

The illustrations are by JOE JUSKO

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