Sunday, March 25, 2012


Finally after umpteen years....I find by accident mind you this has 110 minutes of Mighty Herc cartoons on it from those thrilling days of yeteryear. I went to go see my Nephews band play in the BREAK CONTEST at a local bar...they are called ONCE MY WAY...and afterward I went to Barnes and Noble with my brother in law because he wanted to pick up the anniversary edition blue ray of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. Lo and behold...right behind me was the MIGHTY HERCULES....I never even knew it was on disc. They don't advertise this stuff and if they do...WHERE?
I have a collection of HERC cartoons I bought at a convention in JOISEY about 9 years ago on VHS for 30 bucks...guess I can toss the VHS now...bootleg material is cool but why on earth is it always so much freaking money. So...I have hours of cartoons to watch between the Animated STAR TREK and SUPER FRIENDS collections...see ya in the funny pages!

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