Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HERCULES' Alternate reality lifestyle

About 6 months ago while perusing the new comics at my local comic book shop I came across a Marvel title called "eXiles"  This title is about an alternate reality where characters we are familiar with have a slightly different life.  Well in one case....or actually several really...HERCULES,CYCLOPS and WOLVERINE are homosexuals.
            I don't read the comic and only just happened by it one day because I saw Herc on the cover.  Now...the idea of Herc being gay is not new...legend has it that he actually had a male lover in his mythological adventures. That's a topic for another essay.
            I typed  "Hercules,Wolverine,Gay" into my search engine and several images came up.  So...because it's Hercules related and because it seems to be a controversial subject as well as interesting to some I share with you those images.  Exactly from which comics the images are from I do not know as well as knowing any of the artists or writers names.  That is research I will leave up to you in case you want to go and buy eXiles and read it all for yourself.
            I would just like to say I don't mind Alternate universe storylines and certainly don't mind homosexuality be it between men or women.  I am all for the rights of other people.  I'm also all for writers writing whatever stories they need to in order to sell comic books because they're paid to.  So an alternate earth where Hercules and Wolverine are lovers does not bother me.  Hey they do what they have to do.   I find some of the images are a bit self explanatory and some of them are painfully obvious...
 's all part of the HERCULES myth and legend and the more that is added the better.  So here you go  The Adventures of 

"HERCULES : Keeping it gay!!!"

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