Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"The Passing of a WARRIOR"

The Ultimate Warrior has passed away. The Gods have called him home and he has gone back to parts unknown. He was a master of intensity and his energy was boundless. In the late 1980's he burst onto the scene with an rule and conquer the WWE/WWF and so he did. He worked his way to champ in no time. His tag team championship reign with Randy Savage and his feuds with HERCULES,HULK HOGAN,ANDRE THE GIANT,RICK RUDE,BOBBY HEENAN,THE UNDERTAKER,PAPA SHANGO and so many others catapulted the massive WARRIOR into SUPER STAR status and beyond. His legacy is set in stone. He was one of a kind. There have been imitators and there have been those that came before but nobody quite had the world clasped in their powerful grip quite like The ULTIMATE WARRIOR. Quite some time ago I put up a post titled " Wrestling,Giants and feats of strength " In it at one point I referred to the WARRIOR as a nut but that did not mean I am not a fan...of course I am a fan. He was a living breathing personification of everything I believe in. Dedication,commitment,Belief in ones self to be more than just what your potential may dictate. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He was IMMORTAL like HERCULES or GILGAMESH he was the ULTIMATE WARRIOR. His incredible physique was more or less the most impressive in the WWE at the time. He did not come by that because he sat at a desk and pushed pencils. He busted his ass...he became a multimillionaire due to his own GOD given strength and determination. Well someone commented and called me a douche bag after my post. ( They misspelled douche btw ) but listen. Believe me...I am a huge fan of the WARRIOR. Just because I called him a nut does not mean I never respected him. I'm a friends are nuts...Johnny Knoxville and all his Jackass friends are nuts. Get the picture? I respected the WARRIOR and always will. REST IN PEACE WARRIOR...

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