Friday, November 6, 2009

HERCULES movie posters

Many times I find my pics to copy and paste from sources on the net. One good place for pics or posters or lobby cards is Movie posters .com tay've got a vast array of prints and originals.
You can buy and have them send you a print or poster or you can have it custom framed. I myself have few ;obby cards from Sinbad and Tarzan films as well as signed aotographed 8 x 10's . I consider it a great source for any collector.

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  1. Many people do not know this but HERCULES was once a crewman on Jason's famous ship. You see before he actually became a god he actually was a very , very strong human. A mere mortal. Only his great strength got him through life to the point where he finally became a God. By that time he was almost retirement age. That is why the guy in the movie was portrayed as an older man.