Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I did not know what direction to go with this post. Where should I start? Weellll...BOB LAYTON is probably most responsible for giving HERC a popularity he did not enjoy in the 80's. While looking for images to show a gallery of Bobs Herc mini covers I found a lot of other cool stuff. Cover reproductions and b/w unused art and commisions. I found this all on his web site. Google him. I liked HERC long before BOB came out with these while working at MARVEL but when they did come out...well it was AWESOME! So take a peekie boo at some of the coolest stuff you're ever gonna set your eyes on. Ya gotta love Bob. See his cover for the HERCULES Marvel graphic novel where HERC battles his son and the cover of HERCULES, THE END.
I don't know what to say...you have to see it. So let me shut up so you can look at BOB LAYTON's cool HERCULES art!


  1. is Herc the only male super hero who wears a skirt?

  2. Beg your pardon...a popularity hid did not enjoy until the eighties.