Wednesday, December 9, 2009


" It is an ancient legend that the SPARTANS were the descendants of HERCULES " What more can be said of this fantastic and probably best comic book film of all time. The bloody battles the mayhem the action the visuals the narration! I read the comic book and I have to say the comic book was completely covered.
The mighty warriors swinging their shields and spears around like play toys as they routed the forces of the persian army. The president of Iran was angry at the depiction of the Persion army and the images of Xerxes and his people. Well tough President Abudabijihadhidi! TUFF NUGGIES!
The film is fantastic and brilliantly done. It was very faithful to Frank Millers story. FRANK MILLER is a GOD KING!
It is definately a film to watch several times over and over and over. I have the narration running through my mind as I write this " His shield was heavy..."
Obviously I can go on and on about how great it was. But remember it is not for everyone.
The story is told by one of the SPARTAN'S point of view. He was speaking to his people and getting them psyched and amped for battle. So he took liberty's here and there big f'n deal!
Frank Miller told a story about a guy telling a story and taking some liberty's about the exact facts...and the President of the former PERSIA gets insulted by a story as older than Biblical history! All that matters is this..." FEW STOOD AGAINST MANY ! "

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