Sunday, January 3, 2010

"BUFORD" a real life Son of HERCULES.

At 6'6" Buford Pusser was an imposing figure a former U.S. Marine and trained in hand to hand combat the MARINES way he was one TUFF MOTHER !
After trying his hand at pro wrestling for a few years he decided to leave wrestling because he was just too honest of a guy to put up with the territorial B.S. and life on the road. He went home to stay in his old hometown only to find local corruption in the county courthouse and police department. He ran for Sherriff and won! The local stooges working for the corrupt government did not like it one bit.
They tried several times to kill BUFORD but the big man could not be stopped. He was shot in the face,stabbed,run off the road and fired upon with machine guns. He survived every single time they tried. IN the process he lost his beloved wife to the evil bastards. But this only served to strengthen his resolve. There was no way he would allow these dishonest evil people get away with their tresspasses.
In a final showdown and in self defense he drove his Police cruiser straight through the front doors of the local night spot "The Lucky Spot" and killed the last 2 goons who were firing shot guns at him. Ending the feud between the local honest lawman and the goons of the corrupt local government.
His story was local legend in Mcnairy Tennessee. HOLLYWOOD got wind of this story and made the film "WALKING TALL" starring Joe Don Baker. This film is one of my all time favorite movies. A new version was made a few years ago starring Dwayne "the ROCK" Johnson. He did not portray Buford Pusser but the idea was on the same premise. Based on reality this film solidifies the Legend of one local law man who would see justice is served. He carried a big stick , talked softly and walked tall.

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  1. What does this real life story have to do with HERCULES? This guy survived numerous attempts on his life. SHOT , STABBED , kept on coming. His strength and power were legendary. He was truly one of the Mighty sons of HERCULES.