Thursday, January 7, 2010

UNBOUND revisited.

I can't say enough about Walter Simonson. He produced my favorite run ( many others agree ) of the Mighty THOR for Marvel ent. and he also had a hand in producing one of my all time favorite comic book runs of the 1970's HERCULES. for DC comics.
From time to time he posts some old artwork on Facebook and I in turn take the liberty of posting it here on my HERCULES blog. ( for review purposes of course ) This blog is basically dedicated to any and all things ( Mostly ) that pertain to HERCULES in some form or fashion. I clearly state that these posts are for my enjoyment. I love art and I love adventure stories. But many of these copied and pasted pieces of art are used without the permissions of the artists who drew them. I would like to say in all fairness. " If it is not to your liking I will remove whatever you wish me to " but line delineation and the use of blacks and the talent and skill that goes into many of these drawings found here on the blog is what I enjoy mostly. So if you're just joining me for the first time...enjoy and get lost in the LEGEND like I do.


  1. For those who missed Simonson's run on Thor it is now collected in five trade paperbacks called Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson. Great stuff!