Thursday, January 20, 2011


THE 13 issues of HERCULES - I can't really say which influence on my childhood was more could have been John could have been Sam Glanzman. I was always a big fan of HERCULES from the time I can remember...the Steve Reeves films...the cartoon series...the Charlton comic book series....his appearances in the Avengers comic book or THOR for that matter. I can't really tell. But Sam Glanzman was maybe as influential on me as Big John B. Sam's sure handed and confident linework in his art always amazed me and his attention to detail in just a few strokes of blobby ink made things seem so detailed and intricate. But his powerful layouts and ingenious compositions were more likely what I probably tried to emulate in my early days as a wannabe comic book artist. If you look close...if your eye is keen you'll see hints of Buscema, Kirby and Glanzman in my stuff. While I am no veteran or comic art pro I have been around. I have shopped my work to all the major companies.

Probably the most and best piece of HOPE I came away with was many years ago when Michael Richardson looked at my work and said.
"You are good...very good. But there is a problem. Your style is old fashioned. You're dated.

Why have a guy on your staff who draws somewhat like Kirby or Buscema.....when there are hundreds of guys out there who can do the same."
He then gave me his card and his number and told me to work up some new samples and call him. Many reasons for this never happening came to pass. A story for another time.

I gleaned more from this article about the Charlton series and interview with Sam Glanzman than I have ever before from any other article about HERCULES in the comics from anyplace else. The Alter Ego writers are really very professional and Roy Thomas runs a good firm.
Enjoy the article.

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