Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HERCULES - the ladies man.

The first time I was introduced to Herc's lotharioistic ways was from a Graphic novel where he was rolling around in bed with Frankie Raye....who became NOVA a herald of GALACTUS.

Then you know...they don't say it but he was also with the BLACK WIDOW....and quite a few other Marvel HOTTIES who rolled around in the HAY with the HERCSTER. You don't believe me you can go buy The whole HERC series where they all stepped forward and said a word or two regarding their past escapades with big H. ( because he died ) Heck HERCULES is the Ron Jeremy of the Marvel universe. But if he hooked up with any of them now he'd kill'em accidentally. ( Because he's a super god. ) know the whole old question " If you could be a Super hero? "....My answer is HERCULES. NOW YOU KNOW

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