Sunday, October 9, 2011

Doc Samson -

I found this Doc Samson drawing on the web by Herb Trimpe and wanted to share. Being in that Samson is another comic book hero inspired by some type of mythology and used to create a new super hero. Samson got hios power by intentionally exposing himself to gamma radiation he was successful in his endeavor to give himself HULK like strength but his power is only about 2/3 of the as for being a match for HERCULES...forget it Ol' Herc would put him down in seconds. The reason Doc ever gave the HULK so much trouble is becasue he's famous for his sneak attacks and diversions. Or getting a whole bunch of super strong hero types to attack the HULK at once. ( Including HERCULES ) Yep...the HULK got knocked out in that encounter. But not before he knocked them all around pretty good.

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