Friday, October 28, 2011

The Mighty AQUALESE!!!

Pretty much going back to as early as I can remember I have always loved super heroes. I remember kids asking me “ Why do you like Super Heroes so much?” My answer was “ I just do. “ I had no answer …comic books, cartoons and super heroes just spoke to me. Kids love sports and know all the guys and stats other kids love cars and learned how to strip’em down and modify them and become mechanics…Kids love Motorcycles or motor cross or skating…I loved comics. We all have something don’t we?
I used to watch SPACE GHOST and BIRDMAN and the reruns of the 1960’s SUPERMAN, BATMAN and AQUAMAN cartoons and when the Super Friends came out I watched that. BATMAN the animated series in the early 90’s was a great show and BATMAN BEYOND was cool too. BUT..between all the BATMAN cartoons that ever came out…BRAVE AND THE BOLD was the absolute best!
Now let me get to the point…AQUAMAN…he became a prominent part of the series. He was a permanent fixture practically as he was in more episodes than just about anyone. But this version was not just any old version he was for all intents and purposes…HERCULES!! The way he spoke and his boisterous attitude and his bluster and even the beard. They played him up like the Original version of JACK KIRBY’S HERCULES from the early issues of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY….I loved it every minute of it. He was the best version yet.
One episode titled “ The Sword of the ATOM “ from the last season had him utter the line “ HERCULES?...BY NEPTUNE! “ I was cracking up. I knew the similarity was deliberate and they let us know right there. I recommend anyone who is a fan of cartoons to go out and purchase the entire series of BRAVE AND THE BOLD on DVD wherever you can get it. It’s worth watching just for AQUAMAN alone!

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